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Meet the St. Croix Interiors family...

Tracy & Joe Franek

Since 1999, Tracy and Joe Franek have owned and operated St. Croix Interiors in Prescott, WI. Tracy has a Business degree from the University of Wisconsin in River Falls and has been in management, sales, and interior design for 25 plus years. She loves every aspect of the design process; from the initial meeting with clients, to the finished walk through. But Tracys’ true passion is in cabinet design, this is where you really get to see her shine. Always creative, Tracys’ love for design, color, and fabric started very young; so it is no surprise that she ended up in this type of business. Stop by our showroom and let her show you just what she can do for you.

Joe Franek started his flooring career fresh out of High School and has had his hand in the training of over 20 installers in his career. Joe is very detailed and quality minded, he doesn’t leave a jobsite until the job meets his strict guidelines. Joe truly is, one of the best flooring installers out there. With over 30 plus years of experience, you can trust your home and job to Joe and St. Croix Interiors.

Mike Erie, sales

Mike Erie joined Joe and Tracy at St. Croix Interiors in 2002 as a part-time sales person.

It was an opportune time to start because of the great revolution in the building industry. Their were constantly new products being introduced and Mike marveled at the amount of products carried by St. Croix Interiors. “It just made the job of selling that much more interesting”. Eventually Mike was exposed to kitchen design and like Tracy, was immediately “hooked”. This is Mikes’ favorite part of the business. As an avid cook himself, he tries to keep the cook in mind when designing. Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing Mike’s own kitchen would recognize his love for cooking!

As for his love of decorating, this started as a teenager. Mikes mother would always let him arrange the furniture and order new draperies. To this day, Mike cannot walk into a home without mentally rearranging the furniture, lowering the pictures or readjusting the lighting. Friends of Mikes always comment on the beauty of his home. It’s a gift that I like to share with our customers.

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